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Sleep apnea is a treatable health problem, but usually implies therapy where patients wear uncomfortable or bulky breathing appliances. Without patient compliance, the efficacy of treatment is minimized, making the health risks of sleep apnea more dangerous and prominent. But with oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea in Phoenix, Dr. Solomon can offer treatment that is comfortable, effective, and helps to improve overall wellness.

How Does Oral Appliance Therapy Work?

Where more conventional treatment with a CPAP machine pushes air into your nose and mouth to help you breathe successfully, a sleep apnea dental appliance makes it easier for you to breathe on your own. These appliances resemble double-arch athletic mouth guards that are designed to slightly reposition your lower jaw arch in a forward manner, opening air passageways at the back of the throat.

As obstructive sleep apnea is caused by soft tissue collapse that blocks airways, oral appliances are a more comfortable way to alleviate this issue and promote better breathing.  Contrary to a CPAP machine, oral appliance therapy does not push air or force air through bulky facial equipment.  Oral appliance therapy is often more successful at alleviating sleep apnea symptoms as patients are willing to comply with this portable and comfortable treatment process.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Phoenix, AZ

While sleep apnea can present troubling health consequences that include inability to gain a restful night’s sleep, persistent fatigue, weight gain, heart problems, and increased risk for stroke, symptoms can be successfully alleviated with attention from Dr. Solomon. If you believe you have sleep apnea, or if a member of your family has complained that they’ve heard you snoring loudly for an extended period of time, it might be time to see a physician for confirmed diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing.

During your medical test, your doctor will evaluate sleeping patterns to determine if you fit the criteria for sleep apnea. When diagnosed, Dr. Solomon, our Phoenix sleep apnea dentist, can help you find a more comfortable alternative to CPAP with oral appliance therapy. Dr. Solomon takes impressions of your teeth so that your custom sleep apnea mouth guard can be fabricated to fit comfortably. Once completed, we provide tips and instructions for wearing your mouth guard each night to receive maximum benefit. Patients can easily travel with their oral appliances and don’t have to worry about affixing anything over their face during use.

Learn More about Comfortable Solutions for Sleep Breathing Issues

At Solomonsmile Family & Cosmetic Dental Office, it is our mission to provide comprehensive dental solutions that contribute to patients’ overall health and wellness. With sleep apnea treatment from our Phoenix dental office, patients enjoy more restful sleep and minimized risk for larger health issues.

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