Why Do I Need an Implant?

As an innovative solution to tooth loss that does not involve removable prosthesis or the alteration of healthy teeth, implants are the most effective way to correct the series of problems presented by missing teeth. Patients with gaps in their smiles from lost teeth find implants necessary to alleviate the series of everyday problems that missing teeth and traditional solutions, like dentures, can create, such as the inability to eat certain foods and the hassle of applying and removing temporary teeth each day.

Dental implants are necessary for providing patients with the following benefits: 

No more dentures paste or loose teeth - If you’re looking for a more stable way to replace missing teeth, implants are the only solution that comes close to matching all parts of your natural tooth. Because they are embedded in bone, dental implants are permanent and do not need to be removed/replaced each day with denture paste.|

Improved diet and nutrition - Without even one of your natural teeth, it can be hard to keep to the same diet, especially if your foods of choice are hard, dense, crunchy, or chewy. Patients with missing teeth avoid eating many nutritious foods and instead opt for soft, starchy, or fatty foods because they are easy to bite and chew. With strong and durable dental implants, however, eating your favorite foods is far easier and with a more diverse diet and better ability to chew food and digest nutrients, overall health is maintained.

Life-like aesthetics - Dentures certainly fill the gap caused by lost teeth, but aren’t exactly unmistakable from your own organic teeth. Because they are firmly anchored in the jaw, with the prosthesis carefully created out of all tooth colored materials, your new teeth will look so close to your natural teeth that no one will be able to tell them apart.

Better self-esteem - Lost teeth do more than make it hard to do mechanical things. Many patients with lost teeth report that they feel badly about the way they look and feel that they cannot openly display their smiles around others. Implants help patients enjoy a renewed sense of pride in the way their smiles looks.

Dental implants provide the best of function, feel, fit, and comfort for a restored smile that supports better health and wellbeing. Our options for implant treatment include single and multiple tooth restorations and even full replacement of an entire arch of lost teeth. For more information about dental implants, contact Dr. Solomon’s Phoenix dental office for your consultation. 

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